Smart corporate real estate solutions for today's innovative recreation, entertainment and lifestyle concepts.

Focused Exclusively on Corporate Tenant Representation

Based in Austin, Texas, Springboard employs a data-driven approach to assist clients with site selection, reduction of occupancy costs and limiting exposure to risks associated with their leased retail locations anywhere around the world.

Springboard adds value and efficiency to client companies by becoming their single point of contact for all real estate related matters – every location, every market.

Research & Consulting

Our Research & Consulting Department is staffed with some of the best career corporate real estate Research Analysts in the world. These dedicated professionals work diligently investigating market conditions, digging deep to uncover space opportunities and compiling data in order to paint a crystal clear picture of options for our clients’ requirements. The scope of services our Research Analysts perform include:

Market Recon

  • Availability Studies
  • Leasing Activity
  • Economic Incentives
  • Future Deliveries
  • Competition Analysis

Site Selection

  • Labor Pool
  • Transit Studies
  • Growth Trends
  • Psychographics

Financial Analysis

  • Lease Cash Flows
  • OpEx Studies
  • Forecasting
  • Lease vs. Purchase


  • Household Income
  • Age Distribution
  • Crime Stats
  • Spending Habits

Transaction Management

We assemble a customized team of advisors to service every client account. These Transaction Advisors are seasoned corporate real estate professionals who become the client’s single point of contact for every aspect of managing the client’s portfolio of locations. Our Advisors work closely with our research analysts and are pros at helping clients navigate each transaction and implement corporate objectives. Our Advisors excel in the areas of:

  • Requests for Proposal (RFP)
  • Letters of Intent (LOI)
  • Lease Negotiations
  • Coordination
  • Documentation
  • Exit Strategies

Lease Administration

Through our proprietary software, Springboard provides advanced lease administration services to our clients. Springboard LaunchPad™ is a central web-based repository that houses all relevant lease data for every location in the portfolio.

With a few mouse clicks, clients can quickly generate reports on economic and non-economic aspects for individual locations or for the entire portfolio as a whole. Our system also alerts decision makers to critical dates via email.

  • Web-based
  • Custom Reporting
  • Automate Rent Payments
  • Critical Dates Email Alerts
  • Document Management
  • Lease Accounting

Corporate Users

Working closely with members of the executive team and/or corporate real estate director, Springboard acts as an outsourced real estate department for our corporate clients.  We’re able to provide cost avoidance amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars every year in compensation not paid to a full-time, in-house CRE team.  We provide the full scope of services required to professionally manage the corporate portfolio of locations.  We’re also able to augment a company’s existing real estate team by providing services on an as-needed basis.  We’re flexible and nimble and able to recommend a variety of options in order to provide a custom tailored solution to service our clients’ needs.

Franchisor Support Services

Many franchisors provide a full array of support services to their franchisees while others don’t provide much at all beyond the tools to execute the concept. Corporate real estate services are the lifeblood of a franchise. Managed correctly it allows an enterprise to thrive; mismanaged it sets the table for failure. We set up franchisees for success by expertly managing the most crucial aspect of their investment; the real estate. Franchisors understand that the overall success of their brand hinges on their franchisees making smart real estate deals. Most franchisees are not commercial real estate experts. So, we take the time to educate them on the process and help them avoid the pitfalls that doom so many new business ventures. Let Springboard launch your concept and franchise partners towards success.

Multi-Unit Operators

Individual franchisee groups can depend on Springboard to support their real estate operations anywhere in the world. We can help a multi-unit operator expand their footprint from three locations to 30 or from 30 to 300 and beyond. Using our “outside leverage” across different markets affords operators the negotiating strength they might not otherwise enjoy when attempting to execute a single transaction. Since corporate real estate is our core business, we have the tools, resources and expertise to deploy on behalf of our clients.